Welcome to Cheerz Culture(ShenZhen CiXi WenHua YouXianGongSi). What we are trying show you from the CHINZEE porcelain. What you are going to see from every item of pottery. We appreciate the mystery of ceramics and pottery. We love handcrafted ceramics made from fine china clay using pottery skills passed down through generations.

The pottery and porcelain artisans still carry on in the traditional belief that man can indeed conquer nature, even though they have full access to modern technological knowledge and can freely choose their equipment. Some imitate ancient designs, and others produce avant-garde pieces. With their minds, their hands, and clay and fire, the potters express the their perception of beauty, their professional experience, their sensitivity, and their level of artistic cultivation.

Underglazed porcelain, higher temperature, more safe and never fade. Home of art and lifestyle inspiration. That is what Cheerz Culture about.

It makes unique and perfect gift with love, great additon to your everyday life. And as you can tell we love talking about it. Please do ask us any question on CHINZEE porcelain you have, we would love helping you enjoy it just as we do.


All CHINZEE porcelain are made in Dabu County, China.
Dabu County (Chinese: 大埔县) is a county of Meizhou City, Guangdong Province, China, and a center of Hakka culture.
Porcelain making in Dabu has a long history that can be traced back to the late Song Dynasty and early Yuan Dynasty. The art form flourished significantly during the Ming and Qing dynasties.
Dabu was one of four porcelain-making areas in Guangdong, and one of China's four porcelain-making areas renowned throughout Chinese history. Over the past centuries, the ancient people of Dabu utilized abundant local high-quality porcelain clay resources to create Dabu porcelain with distinct characteristics.
Dabu porcelain is as white as jade, as bright as a mirror, and as thin as paper. The county enjoys a reputation as a "White Jade Town" and the "Porcelain Capital of South China". It is also the hometown of blue and white porcelain in China.


Created by our talented in-house team, CHINZEE's distinctive porcelain offer quality design and craftsmanship at affordable prices.
From HANDCRAFT coffee mugs to tea cups and saucers and salad bowls-each one unique-and tea storage jars and vases to candle holders. The beautiful accessories offer inspiration for interior design schemes and let you create a home that truly reflects your style.