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Pomegranate Porcelain Cup and Saucer Set




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This classic cup and saucer come in Underglaze Blue & White Porcelain, dishwasher safe, freezer safe, microwave safe and oven safe.
  • Cup capacity 210ml/ 7.5 fl.oz , saucer size 14.8cm
  • Box size: 17.5cm x 17.5cm x 11cm

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Size:230ml - Gift Box  |  Colour:Pomegranate

Made in DaBuXian China, where the first piece of clayware was made in 700 years ago, using locally sourced clay, each piece of Chinzee stoneware is handcrafted using pottery skills passed down through generations and can pass through as many as 20 pairs of hands. Every item of pottery is still expertly glazed by craftsman.

The pefect gift for the lady who lunches. Their very own Afternoon Tea set making the occasion even more special. Incorporating the subtle tones of the blue and white china with the tradition of the English tea party. Both stylish and practical. Due to the nature and hand-crafted qualities, no two pieces are exactly alike and will exhibit unique variations in color and pattern. Product may slightly differ from image shown. Sometimes there maybe stains, which make it more nature than those machine-mades.

The Environmental Protective Design gift box is made of cotton and linen cloth, with soft liner.

Language of Pomegranate Flower
Mature elegance


Very delicate and chic- BMP

I do like my tea and when I do have them, I like then better in porcelain. It's more for the taste than the looks. This set definitely makes me enjoy my tea more.

The cup and saucer came in a beautiful gifting box that also has a pretty linen bag inside that houses the cup itself. Inside, the box is sufficiently padded to ensure that they are safe unless they are thrown about. The cup has a nice delicate wide petal design on the edges which are also gilded gold. The glazing is nice and shiny. The painting is unusual and may not be to everyone's taste but I find it pretty especially with the blue glaze. All in all, I am very happy with it and this would make a pretty present to someone who likes their hot drinks.

Immaculately packaged, beautiful tea cup and saucer set- Kat

Wow! I am so pleased I bought this tea cup and saucer set. I bought it as my kids like doing tea parties and I thought it would be fun if each of us has a different design of tea cup. I liked the look of the design of this and it looked quite unique.

The packaging of this I can only describe as immaculate. I have never seen a tea cup or anything else for that matter packed so beautifully. I have taken some photos for this review but they don't do it justice. This is a really special set and would make a very lovely gift. It comes in a keepsake box with a button fastening and the teacup is wrapped in a lovely cloth bag. I have never seen anything like it. I was so made up when I opened it, it's gorgeous.

As for the tea cup and saucer itself, it is in perfect condition and I love the chintzy design. It's lovely, solidly made yet looks dainty. I am very tempted to buy another to give as a gift.

... bought this for myself but it is far too beautiful to give to myse- Miss Vicky Miller

I bought this for myself but it is far too beautiful to give to myself, so I have put it by as a gift and intend to buy a few more, they are simply gorgeous.

From the box it arrived in to the sack it was wrapped in, so much effort went in to an item such as a Coffee cup, its genius, if you ask me.

I love it, and may certainly order again.

Sorry I forgot to show the saucer in my video.